Friday, April 3, 2009

Started the bread cloth!

I'm making this bread cloth as a surprise for someone and I'm hoping to get it finished by this weekend. It'll be the second 2009 finished project for me and I have GOT to get moving!!

I'd like to hear from other stitchers on this. This is the first time I've done a border that had so many different angles on it. All the stitches are facing the same way, but because the design is at an angle some of the edges look a little "spiky". Should I have changed the direction/angle of the stitches?

I'm probably not going to re-do the stitches in question, but I'm curious for future information...what would you do?




  1. I do it just like you did. Spiky stitches and all!

  2. I also do the same, spiky stitches. If you were to backstitch around the outside edge you would loose that look if you don't like it.

    Can't wait to see the finish.

  3. Even at an angle, I still keep my stitches in the same direction. It looks fine to me!

  4. I always stitch the same direction. It's supposed to look like that and as far as the 4 corner thing....when you use a bread cloth and you are going to stitch 4 corners, you need to make sure they will be right side up when folded. That's probably why some people just do one corner, the one that lays on the bottom.