Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I finally have a finish, but...

...it's driving me CRAZY! LOL

It's a LizzieKate snippet and I'm going insane trying to get it exactly even in the frame. Good Lord!!!

I probably shouldn't be doing this just hours after I had a tooth pulled, have a mouthful of gauze, and am hopped up on pain killers...but....I want to see it in the frame.



  1. Which LK did you finish? She is one of my favs too. :)

  2. Hope you get it just the way you wanted it! (And feel better!)

  3. It's an autumn/Thanksgiving one and it's drive'in me nuts. :) LOL

    I should have it up by the weekend...I hope!!!

  4. If you pin it to foam core, or lace it, you'll be able to get it centered correctly a bit easier than the sticky stuff.

  5. thanks ladies! I'm going to lace it and use foam core and see what happens! Y'all are awesome!!!