Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pictures of my first finish EVER!!!

Okay, I said I would find it...and I found it...oh boy, did I find it!

Just the other day, I posted a picture of my Girl Scout needlework badge. Being an unforgiving perfectionist when it comes to any project I undertake, it's as challenging as it is fun to look at the very first piece of needlework I ever finished.

I was 9 years old. I chose a needlepoint of a Monarch butterfly & some flowers as my first project. I had to do several stitching related projects to earn my badge, but this was the last one I had to finish in order to get it. This project took the longest.

I am so happy that my Mom decided to save this, along with the dozens of pencil holders and macaroni necklaces that I made at school during my childhood. I need to find a good way to preserve this somehow...and I'm not sure how to do that, actually, since I somehow thought it was a good idea to cut the extra fabric off once I was done. LOL. Looking in my Junior Girl Scout handbook (which I still have, by the way), I can see that framing or stitching the finished work into a pillow was NOT required to earn the badge. LOL

At any rate, here is the picture of my very first finish...warts and all. Stitches going all different ways, stitches missing, etc. Here it is. It's so horrible looking, but I still couldn't be more proud. :-)



  1. How wonderful you still have your first project. I would put it and the badge poudly in a frame so you can get that trill everytime you look at it. What a wonderful memory.

  2. You did a wonderful job for a 9 year old girl. What a great memory and to have the stitched piece is something very special!!!! Many Hugs Nancy Cricket Tucket

  3. I think it is really nice that you still have it after all these years. If it was mine, I would still be so proud of it!
    Kelly ILCS

  4. It looks wonderful for a 9 year old. And how cool of your mother to save something like that, that you can treasure now all these years later!

  5. That is a great finish for when you were 9!

  6. It's really neat that you still have your first project! I have mine, too. It was a self-designed birth sampler for myself. Like you, I cut the extra fabric off, LOL.

  7. Thanks everyone! Y'all rock!!! :-)

  8. This is a great momento that you have found!
    I also have the first thing I ever stitched from when I was 12. And same deal the stitches all go in different directions! :)